Active Ingredients found in this medicine

Each tablet contains 5 mg, 10 mg bisoprolol.

How should I use this medicine

The tablets can be taken with or without food.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:

  • DO NOT use BILOCOR if you are pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant. Contact you doctor or healthcare professional immediately.
  • DO NOT use BILOCOR during breastfeeding.


Do not use BILOCOR if you suffer from severe asthma or from other severe breathing difficulties.

Side Effects

BILOCOR may cause some undesired effects or side effects. Most side effects that may occur usually do not need medical attention. Side-effects that may occur more frequently include:

  • Drowsiness, trouble sleeping, unusual tiredness or weakness.
  • Decreased sexual ability.
  • Headaches (these are generally mild especially at the beginning of therapy and often disappear within 1 - 2 weeks).


Common drug interaction 

  • You may experience extremely low blood sugar levels when taking BILOCOR with oral blood sugar lowering medication or insulin.
  • You may have myocardial depression (depression of the heart muscle) when taking antiarrhythmic medicines (used to treat an irregular or rapid heartbeat, such as amiodarone).
  • Medicines in the beta-adrenoceptor agonist class (such as isoprenaline) may reduce the effects of BILOCOR.
  • Medicines in the alpha-adrenoceptor agonist class (such as clonidine, phenylephrine, or alpha-methyldopa) may reduce the effects of BILOCOR .
  • Using the medicines reserpine or guanethidine with BILOCOR may cause life-threatening vasoconstriction (constricting of the blood vessels).
  • Digoxin (used to improve the strength and efficiency of the heart or control the rate and rhythm of the heart) may be used with BILOCOR. Your doctor should monitor your pulse rate and response regularly.


 * Refer to Package Insert for detailed prescribing information. 


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